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Chiropractor Thousand Oaks

Dr. Greg Celaya, D.C. first and foremost is focused to alleviate and eliminate your pain. Dr. Greg Celaya, D.C. and his staff are well versed in the management of extremities and spinal injuries, central nervous system restoration, sports injuries, sports injury prevention, muscular injuries and pain management. Chiropractic care and the main focus of our medicine and therapy is to restore the relationship between the skeleton and the nervous system to its peak condition. Our chiropractic patient care treats the spine, skeleton and nervous system, as well as providing care and rehabilitation for your entire body.

Dr. Greg Celaya, D.C. earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Celaya is licensed by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners and he has been certified as a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California. Dr. Celeya has a full time staff to assist him and help you achieve your best therapeutic results. Our chiropractors in Thousand Oaks will see that you are comfortable with our recommended therapy and we will answer any and all of your questions. Dr. Celaya and his staff are determined that you will be comfortable and at ease with our chiropractors and with your pain reducing therapy.

Our chiropractor in Thousand Oaks uses several different diagnostic tools in to help their patients lower their pain and in many cases eliminate their pain. Dr. Celaya uses the most modern tools available including x-rays, MRI, CAT scans, and ultrasound equipment for diagnosing and determining their patients' conditions, which will be a major factor in determining their recommended therapy. Our chiropractors in Thousand Oaks will use spinal manipulation techniques, as well as scientifically developed manual adjustments to help relieve their patients' pain and assist and help their bodies to heal themselves naturally.

The public is invited to visit our Advanced Health and Wellness Center, take a free tour of our facilities and interview Dr. Celaya for those looking to speak with a chiropractor in Thousand Oaks before coming in as a patient.

Dr. Greg Celaya and Chiropractic Sports Injury Prevention

Chiropractor Thousand Oaks Dr. Greg Celaya is an amateur sports cyclist. He understands endurance sports injuries and the importance of a finely tuned body. He is able to help you to develop a personalized program for performance enhancement and endurance. He will also help you to strengthen your body with proper treatments in order to help you maintain and sustain your health, strength and overall sports performance. When you are looking for a doctor that really understands sports and can help you prepare for peak performance, Dr Greg Celaya is available to help you plan and achieve your goals.

Dr. Celeya and Staff are available to help you with all types of nagging Injuries that make your daily life physically hard. Chiropractor Thousand Oaks is there to help you deal with your daily aches and pains, as well as your active life style injuries from recreational activities such as golf, running, baseball. We are here for you to provide help with injury reconditioning, which may be very important to your long term well being and health. We understand what it is to have an active lifestyle and the desire to maintain it in the face of pain.

Musculoskeletal Health by Chiropractor Thousand Oaks

Chiropractor Thousand Oaks wants you to know that Musculoskeletal (mus•cu•lo•skel•e•tal) problems and conditions may have an enormous impact on your health. We want to inform you and highlight some information about Musculoskeletal Please click on this link to read the article on Musculoskeletal Health. If you have questions for Dr. Celaya concerning Musculoskeletal Health or any other problems, please call Advanced Health & Wellness (805.371.6144), your Chiropractor in Thousand Oaks is Dr. Greg Celaya.

Headache Prevention and Treatment by Chiropractor Thousand Oaks

Chiropractor Thousand Oaks wants to pose to you a question about headaches. Are headaches more common in adults than children? Well the answer is Adults, but did you know that approximately 4 out of 5 children have headaches at some point, but most are benign and self-resolving. The fact is that many adults who suffer from headaches report having their first headache in the childhood years. Dr. Greg Celaya, wants you to know that he has valuable information to share with you at the Advanced Health and Wellness Center and hopes that it is helpful to you for Headache Prevention and Treatment. Chiropractor Thousand Oaks, Greg Celaya, wants to share this valuable information with you and hope that it is helpful to you for Headache Prevention and Treatment

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Testimonial by JM, Westlake Village, Californa

“I am a patient of Dr. Gregory A. Celaya While there are many chiropractors to choose from, I am and have been faithful to Dr. Celaya, as he has been faithful to me. There are many highly qualified chiropractors in Thousand Oaks, but the only Chiropractor I have visited is Dr. Celaya.

Let me say right off the start – I am biased. I known Dr. Celaya since I was fifteen years old. He has been my friend. He has helped me when no one else was there for me. Dr. Celaya has helped too many people to count, but I am going to tell you a little bit about my friend the chiropractor.

.Dr. Celaya is an exceptional person in many ways. One of the main things that really stands out about him, is that he really cares about his patients. No matter what the situation or when you need his help, he is kind and genuinely understanding to your personal concerns and needs.

Chiropractic Services Summary

• Gentle spinal & extremity adjustments

• Flexion-distraction for disc herniations

• Physic therapy

• Massage

• X-ray

• Nutrition

• Customer Footmaxx orthotics

• Exercise therapy

• Acupuncture

Ergonomic Injuries Treated by Chiropractor Thousand Oaks

There are a number of people that have been sitting at a desk for many years typing away at their computers from four to eight hours a day. They are working on their computer without regard to their posture and have found that after many years they now have a pain in their neck or numbness in their thumbs or forefingers. If this sounds familiar to you, then it would be a good idea to come in for a visit and have Dr. Greg check you out.

Making an Appointment with Chiropractor Dr. Greg Celeya

If you are reading this website, you or a loved is in pain. Call us today, take a free tour of our facility, take some form of action, as you deserve to live pain free.

Selecting a Chiropractor

You can locate a knowledgeable and experienced doctor of chiropractic by going the the website provided by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), which is located in Arlington Virginia. The American Chiropractic Association> is the largest professional association in the world representing knowledgeable and experienced doctors of chiropractic. Visit their website and select the FIND A DOCTOR page. Another way to find a doctor recommendation is to speak with friends and family members. You can also contact the local chamber of commerce in the cities of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

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